The Faroot Skre’Lor Wedding (Mistwood)

The players were dispatched to Aubergine’s Awakened Atelier by wedding planner Cedric Farthingale, and found themselves in a quaint shop run by a sprightly purple-haired halfling (the titular Aubergine). Tahsu the Yuan-Ti artificer was quite taken by Aubergine’s sewing apparatus, while Dresden the warlock was most impressed by the large awakened spider spinning thread in the backroom. Each party member had a bespoke outfit tailored to their specifications, including a lapel pin or brooch embodying an ideal or descriptor with significant meaning to them, and were also presented with gifts from Governor Faroot himself: a timepiece of their choosing from either the Rizzwatch Or Restin Timepiece collections.

Dancing Flowers

After being directedby Cedric to deal with a problem involving dancing flowers, the party encountered a man in a well-tailored green and black suit festooned with charms and trinkets signifying various aspects of nature. “It appears some botanically-gifted rascal has decided to enchant the floral arrangements,” he said, and behind him toward prancing peonies, dancing dahlias, and rowdy roses. “They’re making quite a scene, and the orcs don’t seem too appreciative.” he said before slipping away.

There was an attempt to seize a dancing rose and “prune” it in a secluded cloister, but this resulted in multiple rose pieces continuing the dance. The other roses, sensing aggression, began slam dancing and roughing up the wedding guests until Dresden began a dance performance of his own, tiring several of the flowers out and Toof performed a fiercely defiant haka which earned the respect of another bunch of flowers that then allowed the party members to place them back in their arrangements. A group of line-dancing dahlias soon joined them after their lead dancer was identified and subdued.

Angry Ancestors

Cedric was panicking. A group of risen undead were trying to make their way up from the temple catacombs to join in the ceremony, and the party was to stop them from ruining the proceedings. They were also tasked with recovering the Faroot tome of lineage for an important reading during the ceremony. The skeleton couple attempting to make their way upstairs were revealed to be Janrick and Wyola Faroot, ancestors from the governor’s family’s 14th generation. They had some extremely outdated and problematic opinions about orcs joining the family. Toof prestidigitated some water into a white wine facsimile and the undead Faroots were plied with “booze” and convinced to hang out in the crypt until called upon. They were also kind enough to point out the location of the tome, which Tahsu hastily attempted to memorize.

Raucous guests

Attracted by the sound of loud, slurred singing coming from the temple steps, the party came across a halfling and an orc, both stinking drunk, commiserating in front of the church. They were Yenrick and Bhug, ex-lovers of Jemwise and Vlakith, respectively. They were also lying directly in the path that the wedding procession was taking after the ceremony, so Dresden waxed philosophical on the nature of love, loss, and connection, and suggested that perhaps Bhug and Yenrick could find happiness in each other’s arms. They were convinced and decided to get married immediately. Dresden and Bastian presented the couple with Restin timepieces to use as tokens of commitment, which immediately struck them dead with their Feign Death feature.

Yenrick and Bhug were quickly stuffed into Tahsu’s bag of holding, Dresden swiped some wedding flowers, and a bottle of sparkling wine was procured. The newlyweds were taken to the woods and arranged on a picnic blanket with the wine and flowers. Artair used Speak with Animals to convince a nearby fox to guard the corpses until they revived, and after some meat-based bribery, the furry creature agreed.