Andoryx Lukather
Character Portrait

Player Name: Derek Deskins

Class: Bard Lvl 3

Andoryx Lukather is the son of Stephania Lukather, a seamstress, and Elidor Nyx, a wood elf of the Fleet Wood. At the age of 12, Andoryx and his mother fled their home village, Macintyre, when a clan of Goblins overran the town. Upon leaving the village, Andoryx lost touch with his father.

Andoryx and his mother settled in the city of Batavia where Stephania’s tailoring business flourished. He learned from many of her clients and quickly found a love for music. As his star began to rise in Batavia, his mother took ill and died. Feeling that Batavia had little left to offer him, Andoryx set out for the Gold Coast in hopes of fame and fortune.