Character Portrait

Player Name: Gareth

Class: Artificer [Battlesmith] Level 3

Ta’ahsu is the last surviving member of an ancient civilization of Yuan ti from the now defunct and destroyed ruins of Ssussora. His people were enmeshed in a losing war with a nation of Giants. Ta’ahsu’s sister, Zaraetha, a high priestess of the Whispered Faith, used Ta’ahsu to steal the master power source from the cities magisters, then used it to try to summon and bind a powerful Baatezu devil. The summoning ritual was flawed, and the creature broke free. Ta’ahsu’s master arrived at the temple and destroyed the power source, redirecting its magic to fuel a temporal prison.

Now, centuries later, Ta’ahsu has awakened to find his people long dead, their relics and magical constructs scattered by time and looters. He is trying to learn the customs of the new peoples he encounters, all the while looking hopefully for signs of any other survivors. But in his travels, he has begun to see indications that the devil, Malgothra, may now be free in this new world.